What a powerful awakening experience I had with Noni, not only did she guide me through my pain and my trouble but she helped me understand it, acknowledge it and positively impact my heart. My feelings were acknowledged, heard and they mattered. She filled my heart and mind with love and I’m so grateful
— T.S
I had been very badly hurt in the past and also had trauma as a result of my entire upbringing which until I was about 30 I hadn’t even been aware of the long-term extent of. I was drawn to Noni after hearing her speak and hearing some of her views on therapy and interacting with others with love.
Through working with Noni, I went from being in grief & deep pain, confusion, deep trust and commitment issues, anxiety, to feeling completely free, happy and having love to give. I wouldn’t believe it was possible if someone told me this same story before my work with Noni, especially since I’ve been familiar with other therapies before. Noni guided me over and past ever hurdle, every confusion, to enlightened clarity and joy. She is the most enlightened, deeply loving and caring, intune, knowledgeable, open-minded, best listening person and therapist I’ve had the privilege to ever meet.
— T.S
Noni is one special gift to us. I initially met Noni doing her meditation & yoga classes. Noni’s compassion and warmth made her classes stand out from others. I went onto being in a 7 week EFT trial with Noni....and wow... she actually changed my life!!! I have been on a healing path for many many years, but are often 20 steps forward 10/15 back at times. Nothing got the root core. However during my time with Noni, I felt so comfortable and safe that everything came out... enabling Noni to deal with the problems with EFT. So many aha moments, not sure how I missed that angle over my life. Amazingly Noni and EFT did get to the core... Very hard to describe the inner peace it has brought about. I cannot recommend Noni enough.... if you have an opportunity to heal with Noni you will be blessed.
— S.L
Noni truly listens to everything you have to say! I consider myself very lucky to have found her and will be forever grateful for the help she has given me.
— B.B
As someone who has never had counselling until you Noni Croft I must say wow you make it SO easy! SO empowering and so comfortable! I loved being able to tell you about some of the worst things that ever happened to me, that I always thought were not that relevant to how I am today (which I have since learned are very valid) and I was rugged up in my bed with my laptop! I even got my partner to join in a little so he really understood the importance of what I was doing! Then just me and you. Words cannot explain how grateful I am for you help and the tools you provided for dealing with complex PTSD (I didn’t even know PTSD applied to me until speaking to you, I always thought be positive and onwards and upwards but woah acknowledging and letting go is powerful!). Noni Croft you truly are an Angel on earth. Anyone thinking maybe I could do with a chat to someone Noni makes it so easy and I felt so relieved and full of love and validated. Thank you so much!!
— S.L
I’m a beyond thankful for every interaction I have had the pleasure of experiencing with Noni, she has helped me understand myself, love myself and encouraged me to want to work on myself for me and the overall vibration of all human beings. Not only does she help awaken parts of yourself but it is simply just a joy to be in her presence, could not recommend her enough.
— C.A
What a powerful awakening experience I had with Noni, not only did she guide me through my pain and my trouble but she helped me understand it, acknowledge it and positively impact my heart. My feelings were acknowledged, heard and they mattered. She filled my heart and mind with love and I’m so grateful.
— T.S
WHOLEHEARTEDLY RECOMMEND this gorgeous Woman! I have been having regular EFT sessions with Noni & it has been so comforting, eye opening and uncovering! I was really struggling and she was VITAL in my healing. The nourishing supportive space she held for me was phenomenal. I’m so grateful for her work and passion. I’ve also attended Noni’s workshops and I seriously can’t get enough of her wisdom and heart-warming giggles.
— K.N
Noni is very kind and professional. She makes you feel comfortable and at ease straight away. Would highly recommend Noni.
— E.S
Noni is such a wise and beautiful soul!! I have had the pleasure of seeing Noni and immediately felt blessed to be in her presence. Through being heard by her, I realised that I had some past issues in my body that needed to be cleared.
I felt totally comfortable and actually excited about the healing possibilities with Noni.
Through doing healing with her I realised I can reclaim that feminine space of my body and spirit as my own. I took my time to allow the healing process to happen with Noni’s gentle guidance and answering of my questions. It has been a truly beautiful healing process of letting go of past hurts and filling myself with love again. This has then flowed into other areas of my life! Thank you Noni Croft!
— S.L
Certain people come into your life at certain times for different reasons. I’m super thankful for Noni coming into my life at the exact right time. The positivity and honest beauty of the message Noni shares is powerful. Feeling super thankful and strong.
— A.G
So I knew that 2019 was going to be a new journey & new beginning for me...but I had absolutely no idea that just stepping out of my comfort zone a little & walking into Noni’s workshop today would be the beginning of my new journey! It was so unexpected but i know i’m on my path now.
I can feel it in me already & it was almost instant. What an amazing soul & beautiful human being Noni is, I cannot wait to spend more time in her presence & learn so much more! I feel so good already and can’t stop smiling! I know my life will be changed forever, for the better.
— M.A
I just attended a workshop delivered by Noni and truly enjoyed it. Noni has such a beautiful energy and shares in a kind and compassion way (with the right amount of humour thrown in). Thank you so much to Noni.
— R.M
Such a powerful amazing lady certainly made me think and want to change to be that positive awesome person we all have inside of us. Turning negatives into positives and to care and nurture ourselves first.
— S.H