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Here to help & make mental health easy.

Croft Confidence’s mission is to help people have access to honest, professional and inspired mental and physical rehabilitation and motivation.

Mental health counselling aids the management and healing of emotional and psychological suffering. I understand the unique challenges people under pressure face — and how to address them in positive ways. Your emotional safety is ensured and you can trust that you’ll receive the space to be heard, to grieve and find self acceptance.

As a qualified and professional listener with 12 years of experience, I specialise in the holistic mental health counselling for business owners, their staff and clients.

  • I give the space and time needed, for personal development and growth - Creating mentally strong, resilient and positive people.

  • I offer a tailor made range of services for specific needs - committed to successful mental health outcomes on your terms.

  • I respect the depth of various mental health issues, stressors and traumatic events.

Croft Confidence is committed to using a range of evidence based therapies that work best for individuals, their personalities and learning styles to ensure lasting recoveries and ongoing personal stress management techniques.

These include and are not limited to, solutions based therapies, energy psychology, emotional freedom technique, behavioural therapies, and positive psychology, social skills and anger management training.

Mental health support in your personal or professional life is exceptionally beneficial. It assists in your ability to overcome stress, heal relationship issues, resolve health problems, assist with pain and grief, and contributes to overall success and enjoyment of life.

Anything you or someone you care about are struggling with I am here to help, all care is completely confidential and backed by a satisfaction guarantee.

Investing in workplace mental health and having policies that help people talk and overcome events in their lives, adds so much value and increases morale.

Croft Confidence is specialized to help with the mental health of:

  • Family businesses and the dynamics of relationships at home and within the workplace.

  • Professional services who experience stressors in a global way.

  • Businesses in the service and product industries who help the general public.

  • Female based entrepreneurs and their teams in breaking through glass ceilings.

  • Male dominated industries with high pressure environments.

  • Sporting teams and coaches with performance.

  • Other mental health professionals who have high stress environments.

  • Teachers, students and school leavers with stress and self doubt.

  • Children and adults who have experienced sexual assault and complex PTSD.

  • Personal carers and families in NDIS and Aged care fields.

  • Veterinary teams and grief counselling for clients who have lost pets.

  • Dentistry teams and clients with dental phobias.

  • QLD Ambulance and Police force officers with trauma counselling and PTSD.

Mental health awareness has grown in understanding and importance. The stigma around it mental health is decreasing rapidly due to scientific evidence and the positive upgrade of social norms.

Mental health counselling with Croft Confidence is available online or on location of your business on the Gold Coast from Helensvale to Burleigh and inbetween.

Private practice is available for individuals, children and couples, please find out more here.

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