Individual, Couple & Child Counselling.

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Asking for help is so brave, thank you for being here. I appreciate how overwhelming it can be when you are consumed by stress, anxiety, depression or have had suffered abuse or loss.

Counselling is for you if you are suffering and really want to feel better but simply don’t know how, you are tired physically and mentally, you’re consumed by negative emotions and aren’t coping.

It is okay to not be okay.

Counselling can help you:

  • As an individual, as a couple, for your child.

  • Overcome trauma, emotional abuse, domestic violence, childhood sexual abuse, adult sexual abuse or rape.

  • Cope with grief, loss, fear and anxiety.

  • Change negative self sabotage habits that create stress and suffering.

  • Build healthy relationships and break cycles of abuse or anger.

  • Recover from relationship breakdowns, grieve the loss of a partner or family member from traumatic events, heal from separation or repair your relationship with a partner or family member.

  • Build self esteem, regain confidence and overcome the fear of money.

  • Overcome fertility loss and the stresses of the fertility process.

  • Understand and break old habits like drinking, smoking, food addiction or restriction.

  • Become a rock star in your business and life, feel deeply worthy and make yourself proud.

During counselling you will take simple, easy and achievable steps towards your own inner peace.

You will be deeply listened to and guided with a range of helpful techniques. You can expect to have a healing process of deep self acceptance and empowerment.

The time and amount of sessions required are unique to your life experiences, some take as little as 2 session and some take 6 months, this will be discussed and a personal recommendation explored with you.

Counselling involves engaging in one on one’s with supportive check ins.

Investment: $150 initial and $120 follow ups.

Payment plans available on request.

Counselling is provided individually or as a family or couple.

For further information about service fees and FAQ please click here.

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Through working with Noni, I went from being in grief & deep pain, confusion, deep trust and commitment issues, anxiety, to feeling completely free, happy and having love to give. I wouldn’t believe it was possible if someone told me this same story before my work with Noni, especially since I’ve been familiar with other therapies before. Noni guided me over and past ever hurdle, every confusion, to enlightened clarity and joy. She is the most enlightened, deeply loving and caring, intune, knowledgeable, open-minded, best listening person and therapist I’ve had the privilege to ever meet.
— T.S