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Mental Health Keynote Speaking | Educational Seminars

Let’s talk about changing the stigma around mental health. Statistics from World Health Organisation show that depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide, and is a major contributor to the overall global burden of disease.

Mental health illness and communication challenges in businesses, universities, schools and in our communities run wide and deep. Let’s be honest, often help is too difficult to access, has so many misconceptions or is in the too hard basket.

An easy answer? Mental Health First Aid Training it changes the fear about saying the wrong thing into an inspired, focused, engaged and energised interaction. You can empower others around their past and current pain and be truly capable of giving the right kind of help.

Does your business or faculty need staff equipped with Mental Health skills to navigate the waters and steer people in the healthiest and most professional way? Contact me to facilitate a workshop, seminar or retreat tailored for your people and culture.

Educational Seminars/Keynote speaking is an investment of $1400 for 2 hours.

I put my name to the education and professional service I provide, so much so, satisfaction is guaranteed or investment is returned. Please see FAQ/Service Fees for more information.

Noni Croft has been engaged as a Keynote speaker, Seminar Educator, Podcast Guest and Featured in:

CQ University Australia - Speaker for Workshops for Women.

CQ University Australia - On the Panel for Workshops for Women.

The Young Money Podcast - Mental Health and Money.

Her.Platform - Women's mental health and sexual safety educator.

Bones of Women - Feature of a Regional Queensland Documentary on trauma to triumph.

Opening Eyes Podcast - Child Safety Awareness guest with Former Police Senior Sergeant.

Bravehearts - Guest Speaker as a Child Safety Ambassador.

Published in Newsmail - Re-inventing Mental Health.

Published in Her Umbrella magazine - Mental health in business awareness.

Published in Gold Coast Get It magazine - She who is Brave is free.

Redlands Art Gallery - Body Positivity Speaker and Educator.